Our raw fabrics of different constructions which produced in our Bursa weaving facility are offered for sale after dyeing and finishing processes in our facility with a closed area of 16000 mt², located within the borders of Çerkezköy OSB, which is a subsidiary of our company.

All woven fabrics produced in our company are subjected to pre-finishing, dyeing and finishing processes at today's high standards and, of course, in accordance with the requests of our customers. It is one of the few businesses that can finish fabrics between 60 gr/mt² and 600 gr/mt² in its region with the additional machinery investments made since 2017, on-site energy recycling projects, machinery/equipment revisions, additional construction investments, and laboratory investment equipped with high-level equipment.

In our dyehouse;

  • PFD 
  • Optics 
  • Reactive 
  • Disperse 
  • Indanthrene 
  • Sulfur 
  • Indigo dyeing processes are carried out.

All physical and chemical tests of our customers regarding the fabrics produced, and all requested test values/methods are carried out by our trained staff in our laboratory equipped with the latest technology equipment and machines within our dyehouse.

In all of our enterprises, production is strictly adhered to the principles of Occupational Safety and Health. For this purpose, continuous practical training is provided to the staff by the experts of the subject.

Our company also has the accreditation of international valuation and certification institutions such as GOTS, GRS, OCS, RCS.