Quality Policy

Our main strategic approach is to achieve excellence in product and service quality by utilizing our experience and current technological developments. In this context, our basic principles that will guide all our processes will be:

  • To continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, 
  • To improve product quality and delivery performance, 
  • To increase customer satisfaction and ensure its continuity, 
  • To develop our employees with planned and programmed trainings to ensure the continuity of our policy, 
  • To ensure the continuous development of R&D studies, 
  • To meet the applicable conditions.

Information Security Management System Policy

As ERKA KUMAŞÇILIK Inc. and its employees, which have an important place in the textile sector, our policy that we have adopted in order to define and manage all kinds of risks to our business continuity and information assets is as follows;

  • Compliance with all legal legislation and contracts related to information security, 
  • Systematic management of risks to information assets, 
  • Conducting trainings to develop technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase information security awareness, 
  • Ensuring uninterrupted continuation of our basic and supportive business activities, 
  • Ensuring that information is accessible only by authorized persons and separation of duties.

Our Energy Management System Policy

We aim to increase our competitiveness by reducing unit energy consumption and environmental impacts per product by applying active, continuous and efficient energy management techniques within the framework of sustainable production principles.

To achieve these goals;

  • Continuously improve the energy performance and the efficiency of the Energy Management System, 
  • Provide all necessary information and resources to achieve our goals and objectives, by following our energy performance data, with periodic reviews and renewals, 
  • Considering and supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services to improve energy performance and designs for improving energy performance, 
  • Gaining efficient energy usage habits in all processes with our employee trainings and actively contributing to the energy management system, 
  • We are committed to comply with the applicable legal and other requirements that we are obliged to comply with in terms of energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

Our Environmental Policy

ERKA KUMAŞÇILIK Inc., which has managed to become a brand in the textile sector with its integrated fabric production facilities, also observes the following with its environmental management system during all its activities and services for a sustainable clean environment;

  • Keeping the environmental impacts under control at every stage from the procurement process to the products offered to the customer, 
  • Considering the environmental impacts in our new investments, 
  • Investigating the possibilities of reducing and recycling wastes originating from our facilities, and preventing pollution, 
  • Complying with national legislation and other administrative obligations related to the environment, following and complying with international legislation and customer requirements, 
  • Taking precautions against environmental damage in emergencies and accidents and minimizing the damage that will occur, 
  • Creating environmental awareness by giving individual responsibilities and trainings to our employees in order to achieve our environmental goals, 
  • Contribute to sustainable development by monitoring the efficient use of natural resources, 
  • We are committed to ensuring the implementation, supervision, continuous improvement and maintenance of the environmental management system.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy

ERKA KUMAŞÇILIK Inc., which has managed to become a brand in the textile sector with its integrated fabric production facilities, considers the protection of the safety and health of its employees without exception and the continuous improvement of the working environment in terms of safety and health, while carrying out its activities in order to raise it to the highest quality level. In this context, we undertake to provide and maintain the following considerations.

  • Preventing and protecting the health of our employees from work-related injuries is one of our top priorities. 
  • Ensuring that the Occupational Safety and Health risks are eliminated or minimized by taking precautionary measures, 
  • Providing trainings to all employees in order to ensure that they are aware of their individual OSH responsibilities, 
  • Supporting the participation and consultation of our employees for Occupational Safety and Health. ✓ Ensuring that all our systems and applications comply with the applicable legal and other requirements and continuously improving them,
  • Trying to create a safe and healthy working environment with zero accident and zero occupational disease for all our employees.
  • Our employees are also obliged to comply with all measures which taken regarding occupational safety and health.